"Thanks Nanci & Dana for giving us an opportunity to try yoga! And a special thanks to Bonnie too! Loved it=)"
- Kathy Maurice
"Great place, great people and the support there is beyond my expectations!!!"
- Kathie Walsh Kintz
"I can't believe I have actually been doing this for over 7 months now. I've never been a big fan of working out but this place makes me actually look forward to it (well, kind of). I never know what we'll be doing in class ... always something different, never boring. The instructors push you to push yourself and give you modifications on the exercises for whatever your fitness level. No judgments, only encouragement from the staff as well as the clients. Great atmosphere for improving your fitness level."
- Teresa 'Nicholson' Franey
"Great facility, wonderful group of ladies!!! I really enjoy teaching Zumba here :-)"
- Cheryl Elaine